Fun facts about the piano that you need to know

You might think that piano knowledge isn’t necessary because a piano is just an object that produces sounds. Well, let this help educate you about all things piano because once you have a clearer understanding of what a piano is, you will begin to realize how important it is to care for it and how much it can help you deal with certain things in your life. That is why; here are fun facts about the piano that you need to know.


It has 88 keys

  • If you didn’t count the keys in your piano, then you might not know that there are over 88 keys in it. This is the total of both black and white.

It has a pedal

  • Another fun fact is that it has a part called a “pedal.” This is used to add texture to the sound. If you want to lower the tone of the keys or if you want to make it higher then you use the pedal.

It comes in a variety

  • The piano also comes in a variety from the classical wooden type where you can choose either an upright or grand piano from the modern electrical type.

Knowing more about your instrument can be a great help which is why with the things that you have learned through reading this, you should begin to realize how special and amazing a piano is. That is why if you own one the best take care of it.